The Four Kicks: Ready To Bring The Tennessee Party @Solwayhall Whitehaven

By Amy Wright – ‘Be You MUSIC PR’
‘The Four Kicks’ have developed a reputation as the UK’s finest tribute to the Kings of Leon. They’ve performed in venues across Great Britain and Europe receiving plaudits from venues, promoters, and mega-fans alike. For the very first time, The Four Kicks will be performing at The Solway Hall in Whitehaven on Friday May 6th, and the guys are excited to bring us the KOL vibes!

We are looking forward to having you guys perform at The Solway Hall. What are you guys looking forward to the most on the night? 

Rob: “We’re really looking forward to our first visit to Solway Hall and to Whitehaven as a town. Coming from the Midlands it will be nice for us all to get some seaside air in our lungs. One of the best things about being in a band is getting to visit new and exciting places. Without a doubt, the main thing we’re excited about is getting up on that stage and putting on an awesome show for the Whitehaven audience. We’ve played at some fantastic venues around the country and also abroad! The Solway Hall looks to be right up there with some of the best! We’ll be sure to make the most of the experience and look forward to bringing a taste of Tennessee to Cumbria.”

How long have The Four Kicks been together? 

Alex: “We’ve been a band since 2014, so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our craft! We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, which has definitely helped us get to the level we are right now. We are also big fans of Kings Of Leon and have each seen them live multiple times, taking mental notes of their performances so that we can bring you the most authentic, genuine KOL performance that is as close to the real thing as possible!” 

The people of Whitehaven (and West Cumbria in general) love a good dance! What can everyone expect to see at the gig?” 

Matt: “One of the things we really enjoy about being a tribute to KOL is the sheer amount of musical styles we get to explore throughout one performance. In their earlier days, KOL’s music had raucous energy that is great to dance to! We love to play those classics and it’s great to see the old-school fans enjoying them too! Their sound has evolved over the years to take on a more atmospheric ‘stadium-rock’ type feel and we hope these more anthemic songs will get everyone belting along at the top of their lungs! We spend a lot of time crafting our set-lists to give the audience what they want so if Solway Hall wants to dance, then we’re going to bring out KOL’s biggest hitters to make that happen”. 

Speaking of the set-list, people have given feedback on the songs they are hoping to hear, some include ‘Fans’, and ‘Molly’s Chamber’ – can you tell us if these tracks will be played?

Tom: “We try to take our audiences on a journey through the entire KOL’s back catalogue, starting with the much rawer classics from ‘Youth’ and ‘Young Manhood’ right through to tracks from the new album, ‘When You See Yourself’. Those songs you’ve mentioned are some of our favourites to play as they’re always ones that seem to go down well in a live setting. For those that have given feedback, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!”

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Single Review: Damaged Goods – Need For Speed

By Amy Wright – Be You MUSIC Promotions and Events

Cumbrian Band Damaged Goods have released their debut single ‘Need For Speed’ which brings high 80’s rock energy to your ears!

Straight from the get-go with their fast, high-energy introduction, Damaged Goods do exactly what they say on the tin ‘Cumbrian no non-sense Rock N Roll’.

The guys have put together a home-made music video for the single, which shows you insights into their personalities/previous gig snaps/bringing some humour into it (as God knows we all need a bit of humour these days!)

Check it out for yourself:  Facebook

Be You Music caught up with guitarist Bob Cullen to find out what the song means to the band: “Our first single is the starting point for us, and everything we do from here on out will be compared to our first single so, we wanted to show something that really turns people’s heads and gets them invested in our music. We are all immensely proud of the song and there’s a bunch more to come!”

Download & Stream ‘Need For Speed’ On Spotify:

For fans of: Motley Crue, AC/DC, Skid Row, Guns N Roses.

Damaged Goods Up-Coming Gigs:

  • Cellar Bar, Whitehaven, Saturday April 16, 9pm.
  • Religion Of Tomorrow + Damaged Goods, The Source Collective Carlisle, Saturday April 23, 7:30pm.
  • The Vaults Art Centre, Newton Stewart, Saturday August 6, 7pm.

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Damaged Goods are:  

Dayne Johnston – Lead Vocals

Ben Cullen – Bass/Backing Vocals

Bob Cullen – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Thomas Askew – Drums