CONTRAST welcome us into October 2021 with their new single ‘Born Out of Line’.

By Amy Wright – ‘Be You MUSIC PR’.

North West UK and North Wales band CONTRAST are back following on from their release in 2020 of single ‘Crisis’.

Their new single ‘Born out of Line’ breaks through the norm mainstream of the indie/alternative rock scene as the meaning behind the song will resonate with many people all over the world, as we go through different aspects of our daily lives.

“Born Out of Line is about people’s expectations of everyone to just be perfect, and sometimes that leads to you questioning yourself. Scenarios such as if you’re in a bad relationship, going through a bad break up etc. Then you start to wonder, is it me?” said JG.

Listen to ‘Born Out of Line’ and see for yourself here:

If the meaning behind the song didn’t blow your socks off enough, then know this – the band produce their music from the Grammy-award winning ‘Parr Street Studios’ in Liverpool – the UK’s biggest recording studios outside of London, then the songs are produced at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

The rest of this year is looking great for the band as they have another single release on Thursday 21 October, a 4 Track EP will be released on Monday 1 November and a live EP Release Party on Saturday 13 November 2021 at Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, North Wales, where they will be joined by Straight Jacket Legends, Peach St. & EV Kirwan – check out CONTRAST website for further details and to buy your ticket:

Contrast Music – Events / Live Shows (

CONTRAST band members include JG from Liverpool – Lead Vocals & Guitar, Nia L from Cardiff – Vocals, Will P from Chester on Bass, Huw MJ from Anglesey – Guitars & Backing Vocals and Corey McM from Anglesey on Drums.

The band are open to gig invites in Cumbria so please do get in touch with us.

CONTRAST New Single ‘Born Out of Line’ available on Spotify now.

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